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 Holistic Prenatal Education

Are you preparing for a freebirth, homebirth, or physiological hospital birth? We offer holistic and comprehensive prenatal education for mamas and their partners who are preparing for an empowered and physiological birth. These private classes are designed to provide you with all the information you need to head into your birth prepared and confidently owning your power. They are highly customizable for your specific interests, desires, and birth plan.

Some of the topics include:

  • creating a birth vision and/or birth plan
  • identifying action steps to help achieve your birth vision
  • the blueprint of physiological birth
  • comfort measures for an easeful birth
  • taking back your sovereignty and autonomy in your pregnancy and birth journey
  • type of interventions + their pros/cons 
  • provider type, their scope, and how they support your plan
  • birth location, pros/cons, and how it supports your plan 
  • prenatal testing/screening, pros/cons
  • wild pregnancy & free birth
  • acknowledging / dealing with fears
  • how to break down barriers you may feel are getting in the way of following your desired birth
  • getting your partner on board with your homebirth or freebirth 
  • creating healthy boundaries for friends and family during pregnancy & birth. 
  • preparing for a wonderful breastfeeding journey
  • healthy postpartum planning and healing essentials

Prenatal classes are available in person for local clients or on zoom for distance clients. The private series include 3 sessions-each session being 2 hours in length (6 hours total) and the fee is $250

*Do you feel you need support, but money is a barrier to care? If so, please contact me as I am more than willing to discuss alternative reciprocity options.

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